Our Team




With more than 25 years of professional experience and engagement in managing projects, training and capacity building in the areas of social inclusion / disability / activation/ social work /social services and design of social policies.

Monika Gabanyi

Key Expert 2/Senior Expert


More than 25 years of professional experience and engagement in managing projects, social and health system development, training and capacity building in the areas of long term care/ social inclusion/ integrated service provision in community care supporting people with mental and physical disabilities as well as the elderly.

Bojan Petak

Project Director, representing the Consultant (EPTISA)

North Macedonia

He has been working for EPTISA as Project Manager/Project Director since 2010, covering all the Western Balkan countries, with the last 5 years focusing especially on projects in North Macedonia. His expertise is coordination and management of EU funded projects particularly related to social inclusion and protection, socio-economic development, as well Infrastructure.

Natasha Pavikjevikj - Stojmenovska

Assistant Team Leader

North Macedonia

She is a graduated Social Worker with extensive experience in social protection system, social work in the community, social work with vulnerable categories and groups in social risk and issues related to equal opportunities. She is actively involved in the reforms in the social protection system from 2018, as a technical support and trainer in the implementation of the method of integrated case management in the centers for social work. Also, she is very interested in: social justice and human rights, child protection, multidimensional poverty, helping the vulnerable population through practice, social work, knowledge and experience.

Mihaela Narcisa Stoichici-Vârlan

Senior Non-Key Monitoring and Evaluation Expert


With over 15 years of professional experience in designing and implementation of monitoring and evaluation mechanisms, methodologies and tools in the social field (social inclusion, social services).

Aleksandra Georgievska

Non-Key Monitoring and Evaluation National Expert

Italy/North Macedonia

She has extensive experience in design and implementation of monitoring and evaluation activities in the area of social protection, social inclusion, inclusive labour market and inclusive and integrated education.

Biljana Dukovska

Senior Non-Key Expert on Social Protection

North Macedonia

Biljanas` focus in the project is developing and establishing social services on local level. She has over 15 years of experience in the CSO sector, advocating for participation and working together on policy recommendations with different vulnerable groups mostly on poverty eradication, socio-economic issues, sustainability and societal development.

Sashko Jovanov

Junior Non-Key Expert on Social Protection

North Macedonia

Sashkos` focus in the project is developing and establishing social services on a local level. He has 15 years of engagement in project management, training, social services and policies at the local level (the elderly, people with disabilities, people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease and multiple sclerosis); special adult education programs and protocols form minimum standards for professional  home care.

Radomir Trajković

Junior Non-Key Expert for Training Needs Assessment and Training Support

North Macedonia

He has 15 years experience in operational management of environmental and social inclusion projects. Data collection, processing and analysis for research purposes, as well as public relations for training implementation purposes are the main fields of his specialty.

Elena Simonoska

Junior Non-Key Expert - Awareness Raising

North Macedonia

With a 17 years professional experience in public relations and policy advocacy activities, mainly working with civil society organizations and donor founded projects.

Iva Mihajlovska

Assistant Team Leader

North Macedonia

Iva is a social worker and has been involved and actively contributes in the fields of social protection and social development for youth, women and marginalized communities. In addition, through her work, she actively engages in and conducts research on the rights of children and persons with disabilities in the areas of social and health care.

Natasha Dimeska

Junior Non-Key Expert for Action Research and User Satisfaction Research

North Macedonia

Natashas` focus in the project is collecting information about user satisfaction from services, and information and ideas about bettering the services in the future for children, but also their families. She has 12 years of professional experience as a social worker in the CSO sector with forking in women and child protection, labor rights, violence, economical strengthening, and implementing good European practices in special services in North Macedonia.


Project implementation support


Carolina has worked with international project management and project development since 2007, focusing mainly on project’s in the area of international migration, integration and social inclusion. She has worked in the Nordic countries as well as on EU-funded projects in Serbia and North Macedonia, mostly providing project management, donor reporting and quality control services.

Mariglen Demiri

Junior Non-Key Expert for Action Research and User Satisfaction Research

North Macedonia

Mariglen Demiri is author of several researches and he has been part of many research projects in many different research areas such as philosophy, history, politics and culture.

Marta Sjeničić

Senior non-key Expert of the Mid Term Review of the Deinstitutionalization Strategy


More than 22 years of work experience in the sphere of legal advice, researching and training in the field of health and social care, drafting of comparative analysis and proposals for legislative changes in line with the EU policies. Profound experience in legal issues related to vulnerable groups’ rights.

Marina Ugrinoska Petejchuk

Administrative Assistant

North Macedonia

Economist with a ten years’ work experience. She has a five year experience working with EPTISA as office manager and project assistant predominantly on EU funded projects.

Vito Flaker

SNKE Policy Recommendation Expert


Professor at the Institute for Social Work and Policy in Ljubljana, responsible for preparing the Needs Assessment Report for the development of social services for persons with disabilities, at national level.

Nikolaus Dimmel

Legal Expert


Professor at Law Faculty – University of Salzburg, with 40-years’ experience in legal aspects of welfare and social services. Responsible for preparation of a bylaw for rehabilitation of persons with disabilities and preparation of a draft bylaw for rehabilitation of juvenile delinquents.

Natasha Stanojkovska-Trajkovska

SNKE Assessment Expert

North Macedonia

Works as associate professor at the Institute of Special Education and Rehabilitation at Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje. She has 15 years of work experience as a special educator and rehabilitator involved in research work in the field of the development of special education and rehabilitation. A special focus in her work are the methodology of working with people with moderate, severe and combined disabilities, the methodology of work with children with autism, educational work in dormitories, gender development and sexual education of people with disabilities, process of deinstitutionalization and non-institutional care, and rehabilitation of people with disability and professional orientation, preparation for work and employment of persons with disabilities.

Stefan Chichevaliev

Legal Expert

North Macedonia

Executive Director at the Social Entrepreneurship Observatory in Skopje, with more than 10 years of experience in working with international organizations in creating and implementing innovative solutions with great impact to the people’s wellbeing. Currently involved in social policies and development with a view on researching and exploring sustainable solutions to social issue.

Natasa Bogoevska

Legal Expert

North Macedonia

Associate Professor at Institute for Social Work and Social Policy, Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje, with 15 years’ experience in legal research, analysis and development of legal framework in social and child protection, as well as assessment and evaluation in the domain of social policy. Responsible for preparing bylaws for help and care in the home services, personal assistance and bylaws for family care leave service.