Training Module 9:
Mapping of local social services and mapping of users’ needs

Purpose of this training

To help strengthen the capacities of the competent institutions in municipalities (including self-government units) in identifying the current demographic structure of citizens and mapping the socio-economic challenges they face. In this context, the training will provide information on how to analyze the local situation, collect available data from official statistical sources, collect available data from administrative sources, collect available data from citizens’ associations, expert interviews and focus groups and their processing to enable creation and implementation of local policies, programs and measures in the field of social protection. Each of the steps will be based on an assessment of the capacities / resources and needs of the local community, the identified vulnerable groups and their needs, the services available and the development of new appropriate services at the local level.

Expected competences to be achieved

  • identifying and prioritizing vulnerable groups of citizens, their needs and resources at the local level;
  • use of several methods for different types of data collection and their organization at the local level;
  • analysis and statistical processing of the collected data at local level;
  • establishing a connection between the collected data and setting quality indicators;
  • recognition of existing resources at the local level to meet the needs of vulnerable groups of citizens at the local level;
  • perceiving the possibility for development of new community based services on the principle of building priorities (in terms of opportunities and needs) at the local level;
  • development of new community based services in accordance with legally defined procedures at the local level;


Biljana Dukovska

Expert with over 15 years of experience in the CSO sector, advocating for participation and working together on policy recommendations with different vulnerable groups mostly on poverty eradication, socio-economic issues, sustainability and societal development.

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