Training module 2:
Development, management, monitoring and evaluation of Quality Social and Community-based services

This training is co-organised with Institute for Social Activities (ISA)

Purpose of this training

To strengthen the knowledge, skills and competences about the meaning and importance of designing and delivering high quality social and community-based services and how the monitoring and evaluation activities can support these processes. Specific learning objectives:

  • Quality of social and community-based services in terms of:
    • Quality in terms of content and processes;
    • Degree of satisfaction of the users/ beneficiaries and their families;
    • Conformity and compliance of the CbSS with the quality standards;
    • Customization of the services based on users’ needs and
    • Availability of appropriate and sufficient resources (staff, material and financial resources).
  • The objectives and principles of the organisation and provision of quality social and community-based services according to the technical and functional standards for different social and community-based services available in North Macedonia and in EU Member States.
  • To gain information about the importance of quality of social and community-based services.
  • methods and tools for assessing the quality of social services and measuring beneficiary’s satisfaction from the services (process and outcomes)

Expected competences to be achieved

  • Ability to plan, manage and implement quality social and community-based services.
  • Ability to use different tools and methods in their daily work in quality of social services, beneficiary’s satisfaction from the services of the beneficiary.


Aleksandra Georgievska

Expert with extensive experience in design and implementation of monitoring and evaluation activities in the area of social protection, social inclusion, inclusive labour market and inclusive and integrated education.

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