Training module 8:
Development of Old Age and Long Term Care Social Services - Case Studies

This training is co-organised with Institute for Social Activities (ISA)

Purpose of this training

To build skills and competences to social professionals on system approaches and design of Long Term Care for Elderly and People with Disabilities with the focus on community care, mainly home care. Examples from Germany and EU.

Specific training objectives: social professionals will learn:

  • General risk and poverty reduction groups and their specific needs in the society and, become aware of the extended approach defining the needs – physical and psycho-social.
  • To become familiar with entitlement, assessment tools regarding eligibility, the benefit package, scope of services and service provision.
  • To learn about how the public and private provider mix is placed on the market.
  • To become familiar with the role of informal care in the entire system and mechanisms how to boost family and neighbourhood support through financial means, pension fund contribution subsidies, training in quality assurance and respite care for informal care persons.
  • To learn about basic elements in personal planning derived from assessment procedure and the request to meet a target agreed by beneficiary, family and professionals.

Expected competences to be achieved

  • To understand the designed system of long term care
  • To become acquainted with the procedure and how to become qualified for services, the service packages and providers in terms of their accreditation requirements and their market placement.
  • To understand the possibility of making choices for type and content of service package and location where to receive services.
  • To understand the role of informal care persons in the system and how to stimulate their motivation.
  • To learn about planning elements content wise and target oriented approach.


Monika Gabanyi

Expert with more than 25 years of professional experience and engagement in managing projects, social and health system development, training and capacity building in the areas of long term care/ social inclusion/ integrated service provision in community care supporting people with mental and physical disabilities as well as the elderly.

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