Field visit to the licensed providers of social services – partners in the piloting of the of monitoring and evaluation of social services

The project team made the first field visits to the licensed social service providers involved in the piloting of the monitoring and evaluation plan: the Inclusivа Association from Kumanovo, as a provider of personal assistance services for persons with disabilities, the Association for Persons with Cerebral Palsy from Veles , a licensed provider of the service living with support and the Red Cross of RНM – Municipal Organization Strumica, as a provider of the service of home care. A letter of cooperation and support was signed with all organizations as equal partners in the piloting process.

Field visits are part of the first cycle providing direct support to licensed social service providers in establishing standardized practices for conducting monitoring and evaluation of social services.

The overall process of piloting was discussed with the partners, familiarization with the processes according to the types of reports to be prepared by social service providers, the flow of data from the level of social service providers to the local Centres for Social Work and at the national level to PU Institute for Social Activities, the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and the Licensing Commission. The team provided support and clarification on the content, types of indicators (qualitative and quantitative) to be collected on a monthly basis. The positive aspects and benefits of establishing a digital reporting system were also presented. The team also met with the local centres for social work in Strumica, Veles and Kumanovo, which will be involved in the piloting process. Social work centres at the local level are the key stakeholders that will be directly involved in the implementation of monitoring of social services delivered by social service providers.