Final meeting of the Project Steering Committee

On 2nd March 2023 we held the last official project activity, the final meeting of the Project Steering Committee (PSC), during which we presented the Final Report and the achievements of the EU-funded project “Supporting the modernization and De-Institutionalization of Social Services”, which we implemented during the period between May 2019 – December 2022.

The Team Leader Ms. Maria Marinakou presented the achievement of all 106 planned outputs, as well as the significant impact the Project has had on the process of modernization and deinstitutionalization in the country.

During the meeting there were no objections on the draft Final Report that was shared with the PSC members before the meeting. Additionally, no further comments were received by the given deadline for providing comments on the Report, therefore it is considered that the Final Report is endorsed by the PSC, enabling its final approval by the EU Delegation.

We take this opportunity, to extend our gratitude to all stakeholders who were involved in the successful project implementation, the Delegation of the European Union to North Macedonia, the Ministry of Labour and Social Services, the Institute for Social Activities, the Centres for Social Work, as well as the social professionals and social service providers in the community (both public and private).

The Project Team