Social dialogue: Sashko Nikolov, Mayor of Shtip

We talked with the mayor of the Municipality of Stip, Sasko Nikolov. In 2020, the municipality mapped the social needs and vulnerable groups and adopted a Local Social Plan for the period 2021 – 2024. Thus, Stip is one of the few municipalities that actively participated in the reform for modernization, deinstitutionalization and decentralization of social services.

The state, the municipality, the users, the local citizenship and the business community are very important actors that can provide access to additional social services, in order to revive the Social plan of the municipality of Stip, and the municipality itself will give support in any direction. At the moment, we do not have concrete cooperation with the private sector that will start a social service, but we have several announcements for individuals who have the desire and need to develop that part. And, I think that in the future so that the social service of vulnerable categories is raised to a certain level, we must venture into that principle of public-private partnership.

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