Successful Cooperation аnd Coordination of the Projects that Support аnd Implement the Reform for Deinstitutionalization and Modernization of Social Services Continues

The group for coordination and cooperation between four EU-funded projects in North Macedonia, which currently support the establishment of social services in the community and the implementation of the National Strategy for Deinstitutionalization, met yesterday at the Special Institution Demir Kapija.

At the meeting, in the presence of representatives from the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, the Delegation of the European Union in North Macedonia and the management and staff of the Special Institution Demir Kapija, the achievements in the deinstitutionalization process were discussed, as well as future opportunities for inter-project cooperation.

The projects presented the achievements and plans for future activities in several areas of support for deinstitutionalization: preparation of methodology for individual plans for persons with disabilities, transformation plan of SI Demir Kapija, continuation of the process of relocation of persons with disabilities in group homes for supported living, training and capacity building of social professionals and community service providers, as well as public awareness activities.