The Process of Piloting and Testing the Tools for Monitoring and Evaluation of Social Services Begins

In efforts to modernize social services, the project “Supporting Modernization and Deinstitutionalization of Social Services” begins piloting the creation of standardized practices for monitoring and evaluation of social services.

In the pilot phase, the selected three licensed social service providers are involved, who provide the services of personal assistance, assistance and care in the home and supported living and day care.

The process of piloting and testing social services monitoring and evaluation tools and the establishment of an efficient M&E system at the level of service providers will be carried out at the local and national level.

At the first coordination meeting with the selected licensed providers of social services that will be directly involved in the process: the Association Inkluziva from Kumanovo as a provider of the personal assistance service, the Association for People with Cerebral Palsy from Veles as a provider of the service living with support and the Red Cross of RNM – Municipal Organization Strumica as a provider of the service of help and care in the home, the phases of piloting were discussed.

The piloting will include defining the institutional setup for implementing the monitoring and evaluation of services, defining the flow of data and establishing standardized practices for regular monitoring and evaluation. The process will be realized in three cycles: collection and processing of data and preparation of weekly reports, six-monthly report and annual report. In each of the phases of the piloting, the social service providers involved will have group and individual support through constant online consultations and field visits. In this way, with the joint efforts of all stakeholders in the social protection system, we will work on providing quality social services and quality life for the users, ie. people with disabilities and the elderly.