Training: Development of Old Age and Long – Term Care Social Services

More than 70 participants attended the ′′ Development of Old Age And Long – Term Care Social Services ′′ training for public and private service providers in Home Care, Rehabilitation Centres, Special Institutes, Centers of Social Work, Institute os Social Activities, MLSP SSIP project grantees.

This training marks the continuation of post-qualification trainings for social professionals organized in cooperation with the Institute for Social Activities.

The trainer, Moninka Gabanyi, presented the opportunities for the development of social services for the elderly and long-term care through examples of already established systems in Germany, Japan and Slovenia.

Participants, through group work, shared experiences on recently introduced assessment tools, as well as options and subsequent changes in the current system in terms of quality, expanding the package of benefits and services, and working with other service providers.

The training materials (videos and lessons) will be available soon for all interested social professionals who want to upgrade their knowledge. The videos and materials from the previous trainings can be found at the link Video Trainings. To have access to additional materials all interested need to register.

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