Training Module 12:
Social Service Quality Assurance for Home and Long Term Care

Purpose of this training

To build skills about approaches to quality implementation by using principles and common quality standards on the level of EU and the fundamental functional relationship between these elements while implementing social services.

Specific training objectives:

  • To become acquainted with principles and common quality standards as well as approaches how to define, assess and improve quality assurance measures in social service provision. New approaches used through (E)qalin, a tool developed by several EU countries and in use in Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and others.
  • To learn about interrelation of structure, process and outcome and concerted action of different actors involved.
  • To become familiar with external and internal quality assessment approaches for social services providers.
  • To learn about the whole quality assurance cycles through the example of home care services for elderly people.

Expected competences to be achieved

  • Ability to understand principles and common standards of quality assurance in general.
  • Ability to understand definition, assessment and improvement of quality in care situation for the elderly (nursing homes and home care services)
  • Ability to distinguish between internal and external quality assessment
  • Ability to understand the quality assurance cycle


Monika Gabanyi

Expert with more than 25 years of professional experience and engagement in managing projects, social and health system development, training and capacity building in the areas of long term care/ social inclusion/ integrated service provision in community care supporting people with mental and physical disabilities as well as the elderly.

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