Training Module 13:
Preparation of Annual Activity Report, Internal Monitoring and Evaluation Report

This training is co-organised with Institute for Social Activities (ISA)

Purpose of this training

Overall Aim: strengthening the knowledge and skills of the professionals for preparation of annual activity report, Monitoring and Evaluation Report

Specific Learning Objectives:

  • to get acquainted with the content of the annual service activity report, internal monitoring, and evaluation report
  • to gain knowledge and competences about the different types of information and data that need to be collected for preparation of the annual service activity, internal monitoring and evaluation report by the service providers.

Expected competences to be achieved

  • Аbility to collect relevant information and data for preparation of annual activity report, internal monitoring and evaluation report
  • Ability to prepare comprehensive annual activity report
  • Ability to prepare proper and comprehensive internal monitoring report
  • Ability to define and prepare evaluation report


Aleksandra Georgievska

Expert with extensive experience in design and implementation of monitoring and evaluation activities in the area of social protection, social inclusion, inclusive labour market and inclusive and integrated education.

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