Training module 4:
Personal Planning for Employment of Persons with Disabilities and Other Vulnerable Groups
(From Occupation therapy to employment)

This training is co-organised with Institute for Social Activities (ISA)

Purpose of this training

To promote the work integration process through vocational rehabilitation and employment of persons with disabilities, to provide access to social services, to increase the number of employees and their inclusion in the community, as opposed to social exclusion.

Specific objectives of the training:

  • To strengthen the capacities of the Civil Society Organizations by being acquainted with the process of Vocational Rehabilitation.
  • Familiarity with the methods and mechanisms of implementation

Expected competences to be achieved

  • Acquiring knowledge and skills for practical application of the model of Vocational Rehabilitation, career counselling and planning, as well as guidance for people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups
  • Acquiring knowledge for their successful integration into the labour market, and thus their inclusion in the community
  • Gain knowledge of implementation methods and mechanisms (how to build consensus among policy makers and help them understand different perspectives within the implementation community)


Stojan Andonov

Expert with over 40 years of experience aimed at promoting and advancing the health and well-being of clients, through the application of various activities-occupations, focused on their personality, occupation, work interests, communication with the environment and society, professional orientation, functioning in local communities, and in some cases a combination of all of these to enhance professional development and participation. Has experience in rehabilitation and health care, which focuses on helping people of all ages to get involved in performing activities of daily living, increasing productivity and using leisure time. Possess knowledge and skills for conducting assessment and treatment of persons with limited physical injury or illness, psychosocial dysfunction, developmental problems, learning difficulties or aging process, through the use of dedicated activities-occupations, adaptable equipment and technology in order to increase their independence, prevent or reduce disability and health problems.

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