Support to the Group Homes for Children – Effects from Our New Year Campaign

As a follow-up of our National public awareness campaign “PUT IT ON YOUR WALL!”, the project utilized the designs by the artist Zoran Kardula for creation of Christmas cards. The designs created for the awareness raising campaign for the rights and needs of people with disabilities, were used for production of five (5) designed Christmas cards, which in stylized form depict several conditions of disability (Dyslexia, Autism, Down syndrome, Diabetes in children, Hearing Impairment).

The sales of Christmas cards was used for raising donations for children, the protégés of 14 supported group homes, located in Skopje, Negotino and Demir Kapija. The 14 units are managed by the ex-institutions: Special Institution Demir Kapija, Children’s Home “11 October” – Skopje, the Home for care of children with educational and social problems and disturbed behaviour “25 May” – Skopje, and Institute for Care “Ranka Milanovic“ Skopje.

This fundraising activity was organized in loving memory of Sophie Beaumont (1967 – 2021), EC Policy Officer and Project Manager for Education, Social Policy, Inclusion, Equal Opportunities in the EU Delegation in Skopje in the period 2015 – 2020. Sophie was committed to the social inclusion cause and devoted on the right for people with disability to live their live independently.

The collected funds, in cash and in kind, from the sale of Christmas cards were given to be used for personal needs of the children and for celebration activities for the New Year and Christmas holidays (attending cultural events, socializing, gifts, etc.).

This activity was supported by generosity of CSO “KMOP”, Delegation of the European Union, CSO “HERA” with two voucher for a restaurant, EPTISA that gave in kind donation, and our Team Leader. Each supported unit received the same amount of money, or in kind value of 50 Euros, used according the needs or wishes of the children.

In the period of January – February 2022, the children used funds for visit to restaurants, or home delivery of their favourite foods, or buying different personal necessities or supplies for their home: cosmetics, home slippers, household items (toaster, hairdryer, house clocks), pyjamas and underwear, clothes, technical items as headphones and mouse, etc.