Field visits to partners in the process of monitoring and evaluation of social services

In the last phase of the piloting of establishment of monitoring and evaluation process, the project team visited the licensed social service providers who are practically testing the data collection and processing, as well as preparing periodic reports and are part of the process of introducing a standardized and unified reporting to all social service providers.

In the Red Cross of the Republic of North Macedonia – Strumica Municipal Organization, together with the coordinator of the help and care service in the home, Zhane Organdzieva, the project team worked on the preparation of the annual report on the service delivered. Particular attention was paid to the presentation of professional procedures, service activities and calculation of efficient hours spent in delivery activities. For the service coordinator, reporting forms on a weekly and monthly basis per user are of great importance. Regular data entry of service activities and efficient hours by carers helps to calculate much faster and transfer them to the annual report for the whole service. At the same time, the regular monitoring of the progress of the beneficiaries by the caregivers and the timely reporting to the coordinator is particularly important and is a decisive indicator of whether there are deteriorations or improvements in the condition of the beneficiaries.

In Association Inkluziva, where the coordinator of the personal assistance service is Dragana Maksimovska Stojkovski, the project team worked on the preparation of the standardized annual digital form for reporting on the delivered social service personal assistance. Much attention was paid to the analysis of the findings of the evaluation of the users’ satisfaction with the service. The domains according to which the quality of the service is measured were discussed, and attention was also paid to the need to regularly feed the system with data on the monthly progress of the users, in order to have accurate and reliable data on the achieved results at the level of the end of the year. users.

In the Association of Persons with Cerebral Palsy and Other Disabilities – Veles, together with Daliborka Zlateva, the project team worked on filling out the annual report on the delivered service-supported living, as well as assessing the users’ satisfaction with the service. The project team developed a standardized annual reporting template at the user, service level, as well as a standardized instrument for measuring user and employee satisfaction with the service.