Focus Group with Social Professionals from SWC

On March 18, 2021, the project organized a Focus Group with 18 social professionals from Social Work Centers. Similar Focus Groups have been organized with Municipalities, Day Care Centers and  Home Care social providers. Maria Marinakou, Team Leader of the TA project moderated the event.

The Focus Group discussed the following issues:

1. Presentation of the TA Project;

2. Summary of 55 personal interviews with social professionals findings and trainings trends;

3. Q&A Session:

– Case management: achievements and challenges

– Minimum income and activation: Cooperation with ESA

– Covid 19 impact on social professionals and users

– Multidisciplinary teams at social work centers: How to work?

4. Video on multidisciplinary teams;

5. Lesson learned/Evaluation of the Focus group.

We are thankful to all participants for their valuable contributions and discussion.