Info-day with Grantees for coordination of service providers and licensing process

Today, in cooperation with the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy (MLSP), an info-day was held for the grantees of the Social Services Improvement Project, financed by the World Bank.

Grantees, providers of social services (home help and care, personal assistance, day care services, etc.) shared the activities undertaken so far in the licensing process in accordance with the bylaws.

The project “Supporting the Modernization and Deinstitutionalization of Social Services” supports the process and will train grantees in a number of areas important to social service.

Minister of Labour and Social Policy, Jagoda Shahpaska, addressed the support in establishing and licensing the Social Providers for the services in the community.

The Team Leader, Maria Marinakou, gave a detail presentation on the opportunities that the TA project is offering regarding the Capacity Building on the establishing quality services for the staff and users as well as the opportunity to learn good practices from Lithuania.

Our JNKE, Sashe Jovanov, presented the process of licensing. 
The project, in cooperation with the MLSP, will enable capacity building of twenty grantees, social service providers, and will enable them to participate in a virtual study visit to the Valakupiai Rehabilitation Centre in Lithuania.

Most importantly, the project will provide direct support, as technical assistance, to complete the full licensing dossier of five (5) social services providers, so that they can successfully apply to the Licensing Committee at the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.