Prepared Plan for Thematic Trainings

The project on Technical Assistance for “Supporting Modernization and De-institutionalization of Social Services” prepared a plan for a series of thematic trainings, intended for several specialized target groups: professionals from public and private social service providers, centers for social work, the Office for Social Affairs, social inspectors from MLSP, professionals working in the civil sector, line ministries, the Employment Agency, as well as persons with disabilities and their parents.

The trainings will available in two ways, Live Trainings, via Zoom communication platform, organized in the period May – June 2021 and Video Trainings available with registration on this platform, after the completion of Live Trainings.

The trainings will be held by renowned European and national experts.

Participation at Live Trainings

The first fifteen (15) Live Trainings thematic trainings will be organized in the period May – June 2021, of which nine (9) trainings are organized in cooperation with the Institute for Social Activities – Skopje.


  • Nine trainings are credited by the Institute of  Social Activities (ISA)
  • Live Trainings are organized on-line (ZOOM PLATFORM)
  • To participate at Live Trainings fill in the Training Needs Assessment survey, at
  • The potential participants for the Live Trainings will be invited by e-mail.
  • Participants will be invited to the Trainings based on criteria
  • Licensed professionals by ISA
    • To be licensed professionals within the next year
    • Professional staff of social services’ providers who have applied to be licensed
    • Professionals who completed the Training Needs Assessment (TNA) survey of the Project (compulsory for all categories) and took part on TNA Personal Interviews and Focus Groups
    • Professionals coming from Diverse backgrounds (disability, ethnicity, etc)
  • Participants need to come prepared to the Trainings
    • Training materials will be send at least a week prior to the Trainings

To contact with the Project TNA Expert send us an email.

To contact the Institute of Social Activities send us an email.

More information and guidelines on trainings, time of delivery, content and expectations for active participation will be given before commencement of trainings, at the following link.

See the training modules and for whom they are intended, at the link.

Accessing Video Trainings

All Live Trainings will be recorded and published together with relevant training materials in the section Video Trainings, after the completion of the online live training.

 In order to ACCESS to our VIDEO TRAININGS, you need only to:

Our VIDEO TRAININGS will be uploaded and announced in our social media accounts. Follow us on Social Services PlatformFacebookInstagramTwitter.
For more details, please contact the Project TNA Expert: