Round table “Transforming society: A community for all” – Day Two

The second day of the round table “Transforming Society: A Community for All”, organized on the occasion of December 3, International Day of Persons with Disabilities, was dedicated to new service providers, as well as the role of local government and civil society organizations in providing community based social services.

The event was addressed by Sofija Spasovska, Assistant Head of the Sector for Social Protection, Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, Natasha Petrovska, Mayor of Bitola, Lazar Petrov, Mayor of Demir Kapija, Marija Marinaku, team leader, and Biljana Dukovska, Senior Social Protection Expert, from the Project for Support of Modernization and Deinstitutionalization of Social Services (EPTISA), Goran Petrushev, Special Educator and Rehabilitator, and Tea Teveva, Project Assistant, from the Together for More Opportunities and Support Project (CeProSARD), Ali Misimi, project manager of the project “Gaining Life – Deinstitutionalization of the Beneficiaries of the Special Institution Demir Kapija” (PIN) and Sasko Jovanov, project manager, and Kristina Vasileska, from the project Supported Community Living in Demir Kapija (KMOP).