Sixth workshop in the process of piloting the minitoring and evaluation system

The sixth workshop was held today with the coordinators of the three licensed social service providers Red Cross of the Republic of North Macedonia – Municipal Organization Strumica, Inclusive Kumanovo and Association of Persons with Cerebral Palsy and Other Disabilities – Veles.

The IT expert presented to the coordinators the administrator rights and the way they can and should manage the data received by the caregivers/assistants/care persons, on a weekly and monthly basis.

The revised reporting forms were reviewed in detail, familiarization with the additional elements, but also information about the parts that have been removed, in order to facilitate data collection and reporting. The importance and functionality of the monthly report per user was emphasized, as well as supplementing the report with the financial elements according to which service providers will make monthly invoices per user.

We jointly concluded that it is necessary to regularly and properly enter data on a weekly basis by the caregivers in order to be able to make quality analyzes at the end of the month that will benefit: the coordinators at the service providers, the representatives from the social work centers of local level, the Institute for Social Activities and the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy.