The Activities of the MLSP for Decentralization of Social Services Continue

The Ministry of Labour and Social Policy signed Grant Agreements for the development of social services at local level with the municipalities of Delchevo and Kochani. As part of the reform for decentralization of social services at the local level, the Ministry has so far signed 19 agreements for support of community based social services, which covers 26 municipalities. A total of 24 agreements are foreseen with the municipalities that have applied for this purpose.

“The goal is in accordance with the social reform, to bring the services closer to the citizens, in the place of residence, their homes, their environment, rural areas, where it is needed. With today’s agreements, the Municipality of Kocani in partnership with the municipal organization of the Red Cross, will provide assistance and care to the elderly and infirm in their homes, while the Municipality of Delchevo together with the NGO “Bravura Cooperative” provides rehabilitation services “and reintegration of people with disabilities,” said Minister Shahpaska.

Last week, in the settlement of Zelezara, Municipality of Gazi Baba, the construction of a Day Care Center for children with intellectual and physical disabilities and a Center for Sensory Integration began. The day center will operate as a regional center for childcare for the city, with the support of three municipalities, Gazi Baba, Butel and Ilinden, while the Center for Sensory Integration is intended for children with special educational needs from kindergartens and primary schools in the municipality of Gazi Baba.

These activities are part of the social reform for deinstitutionalization and provision of community based social services.