Training “Annual reporting of licensed social service providers”

We continue the process of supporting licensed social service providers in the preparation of Annual Reports on Services Delivered, and in establishing standardized and unified reporting of all social service providers, with today’s training.

The training is relevant to licensed providers of the services: home aide and care, personal assistance, assisted living and day care.

The event, which is organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and the European Delegation, is a continuation of the capacity building workshop, held on September 26, 2022, under the title “Monitoring and Evaluation of Licensed Social Service Providers”.

The event was opened by the representative from the EU Delegation, Nafi Saracini, the team leader of the project Marija Marinakоu, the representative from the Institute for Social Activities Ivana Dvojakova and the expert Alexandra Georgievska.

The event continued with a discussion “Current practices for conducting assessment of service users’ and employees’ satisfaction”.

In the second session for the exchange of experiences, entitled “Standardized annual reports from the perspective of the selected pilot organizations”, was led by the expert Aleksandra Georgievska, part of the project team, who coordinated the several months of piloting the monitoring and evaluation of social services.

At the session, representatives from the three pilot organizations spoke about their experiences in the preparation of annual reports: Association “Inclusiva” Kumanovo, the Association of Persons with Cerebral Palsy and Other Disabilities-Veles and the Red Cross of the Republic of North Macedonia-Strumica Municipal Organization.

The afternoon session of the training was dedicated to the presentation of the guide for proper understanding and preparation of the annual report on social service delivered. Fifty participants, social service providers and social professionals, also had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with EASY-READ documents on social services help and care at home and day care services, and to participate in a discussion on the usefulness of the proposed reporting forms on the annual level and assessment of user satisfaction. The presentation of the easy-read documents was led by Maria Marinakou, the team leader.