Training for Development of Local Social Plans

With the idea to strengthen the capacities of the competent institutions in the municipalities (including local self-government units) for the preparation of social plans at the local level and to take a leading role in the development of local social service systems through local initiatives and inter-sectoral cooperation, today we organized the training “Development of Local Social Plans”.

More than fifty social professionals and representatives of several local self-government units were introduced to the basic structure of the social plan, as well as the preconditions and preparations for the preparation of the plan: use of data collected in mapping the needs of users and existing social services and analysis of community resources and grasping new opportunities.

Trainer Biljana Dukovska also presented the steps for human and financial resource planning and the opportunities for local cooperation in designing a strategy for the development of social protection at the local level.

The participants had the opportunity through two practical exercises to work on different parts of the structure of the social plan, and to prepare a financial table according to a previously given example.

The training materials (videos and lessons) will be available soon for all interested social professionals who want to upgrade their knowledge. The videos and materials from the previous trainings can be found at the link Video Trainings. To have access to additional materials all interested need to register.

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