Training: Introduction to monitoring and evaluation

Today, through the Zoom platform, the first of a series of trainings for capacity building of social professionals and social service providers was held. The training was attended by 88 participants, representatives of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, the Institute for Social Activities, day care centers, SOS Children’s Village, private social service providers and specialized institutions.

The training “Introduction to Monitoring and Evaluation”, organized in cooperation with the Institute for Social Activities, is a post-qualification training for social professionals with long years of work experience.

Aleksandra Georgievska, trainer, through two lessons and one work assignment covered the following topics:

  • Definitions for monitoring and evaluation
  • Objectives and tasks of monitoring and evaluation
  • Types of monitoring and evaluation
  • Main stakeholders in the delivery of both processes
  • Presentation of the new institutional set-up in delivery of monitoring and evaluation.
  • Level monitoring and evaluation process.

The training is designed in a way that will enable the participants to gain theoretical knowledge but also to gain practical skills and knowledge for proper application of monitoring and evaluation of the quality of social services. Through the practical task, the participants defined the levels of monitoring and evaluation (internal and external) for the social services they provide.

The training materials (videos and lessons) will be available soon for all interested social professionals who want to upgrade their knowledge. To have access, those interested need to register.

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