Training: Licensing of social service providers

The “Licensing of social service providers” training, intended for public and private social service providers, public institutions, local self-government units, private entities and civil society organizations, was held on May 11, 2021.

More than 80 participants, representatives of social service providers, had the opportunity to be acquainted in detail with the preparation and provision of the necessary documentation for obtaining a license to perform social protection activities in accordance with the legal obligations of Articles 163 and 167 of the Law on Social Protection. At the same time, they were acquainted with the correct interpretation and application of the rulebooks and the more closely prescribed conditions and criteria for licensing.

Trainer Sashe Jovanov presented in detail the necessary steps for preparation of the necessary licensing documentation: providing space, staff and equipment, developing an annual program for social services, report on the organization, annual plan for providing financial and material resources, work in a non-discriminatory environment, and internal evaluation procedures.

The participants had the opportunity through work exercises to assess how ready they are to provide the necessary documentation and whether they are ready to do it independently.

The training materials (videos and lessons) will be available soon for all interested social professionals who want to upgrade their knowledge.

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