Training: Monitoring and Evaluation of Licensed Social Service Providers

Today, at h. Marriott in Skopje, the capacity building training “Monitoring and evaluation of licensed providers of social services” was held. About seventy participants, representatives from licensed providers of social services, centres for social services, MLSP and the Institute for Social Activities participate in the exchange of experiences from the application of the new methodology for monitoring and evaluation.

The project coordinates and implements the process of piloting and testing social services monitoring and evaluation tools and the establishment of an efficient M&E system at the level of service providers, local and central level. The pilot involves three licensed social service providers working in the areas of home care, personal assistance, assisted living and day care.

The representatives of the licensed providers of social services: Association of persons with cerebral palsy and other disabilities – Veles, Association Inkluziva – Kumanovo and Red Cross of the Republic of North Macedonia – Municipal organization Strumica shared their experiences related to the preparation of a monthly report on the delivered service and the usefulness of keeping records on a weekly basis for delivered service per user. They also pointed out that this type of reporting will make their work easier, but at the same time it will allow them to have an insight into the work done, the efficiency and the changes that can happen to the users on a monthly basis.

This type of digital reporting is possible and realistic, but it requires good preparation and training for caregivers, personal assistants, caregivers, as well as preparation of representatives from social work centres, local self-government and other stakeholders.

Today’s training is part of the several months’ effort of the project to test and introduce monitoring and evaluation of social services and the establishment of an efficient system for M&E at the level of service providers, local and central level.

The testing process, which is coordinated and led by the project team Aleksandra Georgievska, expert and Marija Marinakou, team leader, is carried out in cooperation with the Institute for Social Activities and the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.